Run your own beer advent calendar

Setup a beer advent calendar so that you and your friends can enjoy craft beer thoughout the holidays!

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Borne out of a need to get our own beer advent calendars out of complicated spreadsheets, was built so that anyone could enjoy beers for advent.

UnTappd Integration

We've partnered with UnTappd to use their beer list to help make selections for your invitees as well as provide details on each beer chosen.


Create advents with detailed beer statistics, rearrange beers for speceific days, and organize it with special intructions. This calendar is truely customizable from start to finish.

How Does it Work?

  Sign up for a free account, and create your new advent with up to 24 invitees.

  Set up the instructions for the event, including beer styles allowed and disallowed, delivery dates and locations.

  As invitees choose their beer, they will get instantaeous feedback when a beer has been accepted, preventing duplicates.

  As the advent nears, emails will go out to ensure beers are chosen ahead of time.

  Our portal makes it fun to open the different beers as they become available.


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DIY Beer Advent

Grab up to 24 of your closest friends, and create a beer advent calendar that everyone participates in!

Fun Statistics

Get interesting statistics of the 24 beers inside your DIY advent calendar. Data is split via geography, ABV, style and much more!

Try New Beers

This is a perfect way to create a social event that everyone can enjoy! We take care of all the hard work so you can focus on the fun of trying new beers!